Senator Franken Says Latest Health Care Proposal is Worse than Previous Plan

Wednesday, 20 Sep, 2017

The host called Graham-Cassidy worse than the health care bills that failed in the Senate earlier this summer and skewered the bill's authors for keeping the details under wraps.

Trump sent Vice President Mike Pence back to Washington, D.C. from New York Sept. 19 to encourage GOP senators to move forward with the Graham-Cassidy plan.

OH and the other 31 states that expanded Medicaid would see that funding phased out.

"Per capita caps and block grants would so radically restructure Medicaid that the program would be unrecognizable from its current form", Godes said. "We take that money, we divide it up by states, we tell the states it's up to them to design their system". Paul said the bill "does not look, smell or even sound like repeal". "It's not, it's barely Obamacare lite".

"And we're all just looking at our phones and liking photos on Instagram - while they're voting on whether people can afford to keep their children alive or not!" States could also eliminate the requirement that insurers cover essential health benefits including maternity care and treatment for mental health and substance abuse. Lindsey Graham, a chief sponsor of the new repeal attempt, said he's "never felt better about where we're at" in terms of the repeal. "There will be a choice; there will be real repeal". But I'm also working another tact.

On Wednesday, Paul tweeted that he is "currently working with the president to finalize" a "better replacement with cross state purchase of low-cost insurance".

The Cassidy-Graham bill saves federal money by pushing administration and direct costs to the state level.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nate Boulton, a Des Moines state senator, was critical of Reynolds for supporting a plan that would cut federal matching funds and grants to Iowa. "I mean if you look at the insurance premiums, they're going up". The Senators are Lisa Murkowski of Arkansas, Susan Collins of ME as well as John McCain of Arizona. There are a number of people wary of this. They do not amount to a case for voting it down.

Mr. Cassidy is co-sponsoring the bill with Sen. John McCain explicitly said that he would put into consideration the views expressed by his governor. So, you can ask him how federalism is having a trillion-dollar tax program at the federal level and passing it out.