Trump to Campaign With Luther Strange in US Senate Race in Alabama

Wednesday, 20 Sep, 2017

Donald Trump announced he will travel to Alabama next weekend to stump for Sen. The pollsters suggested that Americans disapproved of President Trump's controversial comment that there was blame "on both sides" for the violence that led to the death of Heather Heyer, who was killed when a neo-Nazi rammed his auto into peaceful protesters, authorities said.

A reader who is plugged in to Alabama Republican politics expects Moore to win and wonders whether he will defeat Democratic candidate Doug Jones in the general election. "Big Luther" is a great guy who gets things done!"

Moore bested odd in the initial primary, receiving 39% of the vote compared to Strange's 33%.

Moore was removed from office in 2003 after he insisted on displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.

ELLIOTT: Back home in Alabama on Saturday, Strange visited with fans at a college football game and stopped by McCoy Outdoors, a sporting goods shop in Mobile.

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It appears as though the "Republican monitoring the race" between Moore and unusual is from the GOP establishment, and attempted yet again to frame Moore's comments here as some kind of mistake-similar to recent stories about 9/11 comments and shootings comments that Moore has made, referencing the lack of God in American society. Jeff Sessions was named attorney general.

Mo Brooks, a House Republican who made a failed run at the Senate in Alabama said, "Slowly but surely, Alabama voters are starting to figure out that the White House has taken a hard turn to the left".

The victor of next Tuesday's Republican primary runoff is favored to win the December general election in this solidly red state. Both Strange and Moore have aligned themselves with Trump, who remains deeply popular in the blood red state. Moore then told his audience that neither a president nor Congress could truly "unite" the country. The ads were quickly pulled after top Senate Republicans, including McConnell, voiced opposition to the campaign against Heller. This Senate race is down to this. Trump really needs to reconsider his priorities and remember that it's the forgotten man who sent him to Washington ... Brooks said as he held up his absentee ballot.

Bannon, in a meeting at a Conservative Action Project meeting on August 28, emphasized that his support for Moore is not about undermining or subverting the president, but is a move to disrupt the GOP establishment, specifically to rebuke McConnell.

Steve Bannon has backed Moore, pushing his candidacy as the latest front in a populist "midterm war" on the Republican establishment.

Just about like the division the GOP exhibited in 2016.