USA to give $32M for Myanmar's Rohingya refugees — APNewsBreak

Thursday, 21 Sep, 2017

Aung San Suu Kyi said the final report from an advisory commission, led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, contributed to bringing peace and development as well as resources to Rakhine, while highlighting the Government's efforts to calm the situation.

The Carbondale Muslim Center has announced it will hold a rally to raise awareness of the killings of hundreds of Rohingya Muslims and the systematic purge of hundreds of thousands more from Myanmar. She in her defence said she did not intend to use "emotive" terms for the section which was already severely affected.

"There have been allegations and counter-allegations, and we have to listen to all of them", she said.

The spokeswoman said Facebook was aware that Rohingya activists were using the site to draw attention to the violence, and that it meant to allow non-graphic content to remain online. It's just a description that nobody can deny.

Myanmar insisted today to the United Nations that the crisis in violence-torn Rakhine state was easing after heavy global criticism.

The minister said that people should understand that one aspect of illegal immigration of Rohingyas is related with the national security.

"We have to deal with it and resolve it. There may be a lot of truth in what she says but the reality is she is playing a second fiddle to the army", Vadakkan added.

The military's campaign of violence and human rights violations in Rakhine State must end immediately.

Van Thio echoed Suu Kyi's speech to diplomats in Myanmar on Tuesday, that "the great majority" of the Muslim population made a decision to remain in their villages and that the situation has improved. Also there were petitions online calling for 'her to be stripped of the Nobel Peace Prize.

He also paid tribute to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for accepting Rohingya refugees into her country.

The recent violence erupted on August 25 when the Rohingya Muslim insurgent group known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army launched a coordinated attack on authorities. These attacks were blamed on the ARSA.

She has stayed away from the United Nations meeting of world leaders.

Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has played down claims of atrocities and blamed "a huge iceberg of misinformation" for complicating the conflict.

"The government still needs to find out what the real problems are", Suu Kyi said, in a nationally televised address, the first since an army crackdown on the Rohingya Muslim minority community was branded as "ethnic cleansing" by the United Nations.