Major League Baseball paying attention after girl hit by foul ball

Saturday, 23 Sep, 2017

She has been transported to the hospital. "It was something I wish had never happened". 'We understand how upset you were, but it's nobody's fault. "That family's just happy that she's OK, that's the bottom line". It's tough. I thought of my kids.

Citing health information privacy laws, Frazier said he "didn't really get into details" about the young girl's condition.

Frazier agreed there should be more safety measures at games, saying, "I think the netting should be up". "He was happy about that".

"My first immediate reaction was it always takes you back to what happened to us", said David.

The recommendations also include finding new "ways to educate their fans" on the dangers posed by batted balls and bats while sitting in field-level seats.

After Wednesday's incident, some players said the time for such a move has come.

Here's the Yankees' official statement on the matter. He says anything that protects the fans needs to be implemented. Since introducing this legislation, I have been in contact with both teams, and I commend the Mets for stepping to the plate and leading the country by extending their netting farther than any other team. "It's something that I think everyone's looking into". "I don't know long it takes to put nets up".

Throughout the game, there have been calls to extend the netting protecting fans from projectiles going into the stands, be it a foul ball or a bat.

They would have been at the stadium Wednesday but travel plans fell through as Turley returned to face his original organization.

Pressure came from Phillies players previous year, after Freddy Galvis struck a young girl in the face with a foul ball.

The game was stopped for almost five minutes while the child received medical attention before being taken to the hospital. "I just want to make sure she's all right".

The man did not give his name, nor would he confirm his daughter's age, which had been reported to be 2. "Pay attention" is in no way a realistic solution, as anyone who has ever gone anywhere with another human being could tell you. He's happy they hit home runs today.

Play was halted for several minutes after the girl was hit.

Todd Frazier, who hit the foul ball, crouched with his hands over his face when the near-catastrophe unfolded. Matt Holliday teared up as he watched the scene unfold. The disturbing scene has caused an uproar over the protective netting that Major League Baseball encouraged teams to install in 2016.