NFL QB updates: Big Ben's struggles; Cam Newton meets with Panthers owner

Sunday, 01 Oct, 2017

And that challenge may be even more daunting for the Panthers' defense on the road against a Tom Brady-led offense.

Well, of course they have a shot. "But at the same time, just giving people - not just for the city I play for and the teams that I played for before, but just people all around the world, just to be able to give them hope and courage to be able to fulfill their dreams". He was one of seven Panthers listed under "did not participate" in Wednesday's first injury report for the week, which included Newton listed as "limited" because of his right shoulder. He's basically the defensive version of Gronk - a likable, exceptional player who unfortunately has had a tough time avoiding the brutality of the sport. And what we thought was the strength of the team - their defense - just fell apart against Drew Brees.

Jourdan: You make some great points, although you're a bit of a downer.

Joe: I will own that. The cornerbacks and safeties not being in position. So, while the Carolina defense makes for a worthy adversary for Brady on Sunday, Brady presents a much bigger challenge to the Carolina defense. Defensive line not stopping the run. But when you go back to those sides of College Park, of East Point, Ben Hill, Bowen Homes. "Whereas I think they did some things when I was there, we kind of maneuvered it so they could have won in spite of me, so to speak".

McCaffrey was really the one weapon Cam Newton had in the passing game, hauling in nine catches for 101 yards.

Tom Brady has proven time and time again that he can bail out a struggling Patriots defense.

More than a dozen Patriots made a statement by kneeling for the national anthem during Sunday's win over the Texans, but it seems as though all players will stand for the anthem when the Panthers are in town this weekend.

"I think the dialogue is always open, I think that's important for any team", Brady said. I think we're still evolving. They can't get into the Panthers style of grind-it-out play.

Sounds to me like he's frustrated (as he should be) and plans to seize his chance when it comes (and it will).

After a scary spill against the Saints, it appears Newton will have his No. 1 wide receiver on the field with him. They're OK with the drives, they're not good at finishing drives. In fact, I'd bet Newton's stat line Sunday is significantly less impressive than Watson's last week.

"If they put me at D-end ever, you'd see I'm a hybrid D-end", Gronkowski said Thursday, via WEEI.

"That doesn't mean where I'm from, they don't see it", he said.

Though New England hasn't exactly played shutdown defence in their first three games, I'm not sure why we'd expect Newton to suddenly break out of an obvious slump on Sunday.

Rivera said overall Kalil has done a "pretty good job", but is still learning to play with his new teammates including Newton, who takes a deeper drop in the pocket than most QBs and tends to hold the ball a little longer.