What to do in the wake of the Las Vegas slaughter

Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2017

The danger that guns pose, the laws in other countries, the dead kindergarteners: None of it matters to the average gun-owning conservative, or at least not as much as their fanatical commitment to the America the NRA says it protects. A total of 527 were also injured. After those incidents, public opinion turned against gun ownership and Parliament passed stricter gun laws. "However, some changes are long overdue".

During a news conference held by Senate leadership, Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it wasn't appropriate to politicize the Las Vegas shooting.

However, following each shooting the same scenario unfolds, it added: "The country is shocked, flags fly at half-mast, expressions of solidarity are shared on social networks". That's why the open carry of firearms is legal in Nevada.

Getting very political at the podium, Sen. "We have lived through the heartbreaking unspeakable violence of that day just a few years ago when evil visited Newtown and caused the death of 26 attractive human beings, including 20 children". "We don't know how all the guns were acquired, but of the ones we know, 141 were obtained legally and 39 were obtained illegally".

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy responded to Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas with a barrage of angry statements, tweets and an op-ed column berating his congressional colleagues with harshness for not passing gun control legislation and belittling the governor of Kentucky for questioning the politicization of the mass shooting. For example: In New York City, it's basically impossible to get a gun license unless you're a police officer or security guard, and you have to pay upwards of $400 in fees just to submit an application that will certainly be rejected. More Americans say they are anxious the government will go too far in restricting gun rights (50 percent) than worry it will not do enough (45 percent).

"Politics matters", Kelly said at that event.

"We're making strides state by state, but our federal laws are weakening the state laws such as silencers". We also need to block harmful proposals, like legislation in the House that would make it easier to buy gun silencers.

Gillespie is opposed to further restrictions on guns and said he would reverse an executive order signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, that bans guns in government buildings. I am grateful for law enforcement's swift response and the many good Samaritans whose selfless acts of bravery showcased Las Vegas' values to the world. "And that's what I'm doing", said Gillespie, who appeared emotional. A "trigger crank" or "gat crank" attaches onto the trigger guard, and the shooter then rotates the crank, which will the pull the trigger about 3x per rotation. Bans on automatic weapons or high-capacity magazines. The room's curtain blows in the wind; there is ghostly silence.

But former astronaut Mark Kelly, whose wife-former Democratic Congress woman Gabby Giffords-nearly died after being shot in the head in 2011 during an assassination attempt that killed six people, argued that it was precisely the right time for such a debate. "All innocent music fans".

What can readers do to help enact change? We can not guarantee that it is suitable for the visually or hearing impaired. October 1,2017 will be burned into our collective memory.