The Facts Regarding Federal Regulation of Machine Guns in America

Thursday, 05 Oct, 2017

There are other ways to get a rifle to approach automatic fire, however, and it's those means that investigators are likely probing now.

"There were many factors contributing to this tragic event, but there is no doubt that the shooter's ability to inflict so many casualties was heavily due to the types of weapons he had access to", reads a press release from Machine Gun Vegas.

Washington governor Jay Inslee was among the Democratic politicians who expressed deep frustration with Republicans. Stamps don't make you twitch, though, after a guy busts out the 32nd-floor window of his hotel room and orchestrates the worst mass shooting in the history of a country that tends to have a lot of them.

Inslee said no matter how the party divide shakes out in November elections, lawmakers should try to ban bump stocks.

"You can't prevent someone who's determined to commit a heinous act from committing a heinous act", continued Workman.

"As a police officer it is concerning because it's a legal modification people can make and if it's a situation like Las Vegas, it can be used against the public". The ATF says the guns were purchased in Texas, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Both shops said that Paddock passed all required background checks. Guns were banned if they had stocks that looked militaristic, while guns with identical capabilities were allowed to remain on the market if they had a more traditional wooden appearance. Passage of the law follows a KING 5 investigation.

Hopkins said the proposal also includes a requirement for training and explanation of why the individual requires an assault weapon.

"Now is not a time to politicize a tragedy or bring politics into our grieving, but it is a time to reflect on what has happened and how we can work constructively on what can be done to curb the impact of these evil, deranged attackers".

"Gun law wasn't going to stop it. Murder was illegal - you can't go and murder people, but he did it anyway", he said.

There are several gun ranges advertised along the Strip offering tourists the chance to imitate their favorite action movie star by firing a machine gun. However, there's about 176,000 fully automatic weapons now in private hands - these can legally be resold.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) joined the White House in rejecting any discussion of preventative measures that Congress might take, saying on Tuesday, "I think it's premature to be discussing legislative solutions, if there are any". "They should really be considering what's most effective".