Las Vegas gunman booked hotel overlooking Lollapalooza 2 months before massacre

Monday, 09 Oct, 2017

He killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others in the massacre.

Sunday's attack was in stark contrast to recent mass shootings, which have had motives surface soon afterward.

Police have called the massacre "meticulously planned".

He also added that investigators are also "keenly interested" in Paddock's medical status, and continue to investigate that.

The official said no evidence has been found that Paddock ever came to Chicago that weekend.

Ms Danley shared Paddock's home at a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, north-east of Las Vegas, before travelling to the Philippines in mid-September. There have not been any revelations so far.

In an interview with the US TV show "60 Minutes", the police officers who stormed Paddock's hotel room were speaking about the incident. The contents are unknown.

Police have studied Mr Paddock's computer, political affiliations, behaviours and finances, but Undersheriff McMahill said they had yet to uncover any clear motive for the attacks or any "potential radicalisation".

McMahill also said investigators do not believe anyone other than Paddock accessed his suite before the attack, despite reports suggesting a room key was used to enter his suite while Paddock's vehicle was outside the hotel's parking garage. "In reality, (mistreating someone) is not a precursor to collecting multiple semi-automatic weapons and shooting at people from a hotel window".

Paddock sent Danley on a trip to her native Philippines before the attack, and she was unaware of his plans and devastated when she learned of the carnage while overseas, she said in a statement. TMZ's sources said that Paddock allegedly requested both his rooms be a "view rooms" that face the park.

CBS news channel reported on Thursday that Paddock and Danley bought a Hyundai Tucson from a dealership in Reno, Nevada, on August 1. When Danley went on a test drive, she told a saleswoman that Paddock had saved her from a troubled marriage.

Investigators are interviewing prostitutes after a USA official confirmed a woman was seen with Mr Paddock days before the massacre, according to ABC News. Lombardo said she had been located in Tokyo, and would be questioned upon her return. "Really helped her out".

Danley was wired £98,000 ($127,000), her sisters said, but did not elaborate what it was for.

Stephen Paddock in fact was treated very differently.

Investigators believe Paddock hired a prostitute in the days leading up to the shooting and were interviewing other call girls for information, a US official briefed by federal law enforcement officials said. "Someone may have been acting suspiciously that night, or in the years prior, the months prior".

Investigators trying to establish the motive for the attack have had little more to chase than hints and shadows.

Yesterday, the official said the numbers found on a note on a nightstand included the distance between the high-rise hotel room that Stephen Paddock was using as a perch and the concert the victims were attending.

It also remains unanswered whether Paddock meant to die in his hotel suite or had initially hoped to escape.