White Nationalist gather again in Charlottesville

Monday, 09 Oct, 2017

Bellamy also called on Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman to take legal action against the group of white supremacists.

The rally comes nearly two months after the "Unite the Right" rally, also held in Charlottesville, ended in violence.

"A group of identically dressed people holding torches and chanting: "the US South will rise again" and "Russia is our friend", - stated in the message".

"You will not replace us!". "You are going to have to get used to white identity". The city's mayor called the protest "despicable".

Tweet from NBC journalist Matt Talhelm: White nationalists now chanting - "We will be back".

In the video live-streamed by Mr Spencer, he said Charlottesville had become a symbol of the suppression of free speech and destruction of historical monuments. "We are going to do it again". "2207520000.1507482103./1593744274053611/?type=3&theater">blamed Trump's "very fine people" comment for the protesters' return in a statement.

"The so-called "alt-right" believes intimidation and intolerance will stop us from our work", said Signer, according to the statement.

"We demonstrated that we came in peace in May, we came in peace in July; we were badly mistreated and we came in peace tonight".

White Nationalists are a devoted bunch of idiots.

Local authorities also seemed frustrated at the group's repeated visits to Charlottesville.

A Black Lives Matter group later staged a counterprotest at the University of Virginia president's home. One person protesting against white supremacy in an August 12 rally was struck by a vehicle and killed.

Spencer, a UVa. graduate, said he was unaware that the school was marking its bicentennial.

Snook says that as city legislation stands today, nothing was illegal about Saturday night's events. He wants the group to be monitored and doesn't want any of their racist messages to be presented in Virginia. The primary occasion happened in May, likewise at Emancipation Park where they dissented the city's intends to evacuate the Lee statue.

HAPPENING NOW: @RichardBSpencer & white nationalist supporters are back with their torches in front of Lee statue in #Charlottesville.

The decision by the Charlottesville City Council in April to remove the statue sparked a series of tense protests and counter-protests. Hundreds more remain in dozens of states.

Meanwhile, the city's mayor, Mike Signer, pointed out this event as "despicable" and "coward". You're not welcome here!

Spencer was quick to reply on social media: "Lol".

"Lol. How are we "cowards"?"

Local officials aren't laughing out loud.