Bigg Boss 11 10th October preview: Contestant to perform Raja-Rani task

Wednesday, 11 Oct, 2017

In Tuesday's episode, Shilpa again irritated Vikas, and in a fit of rage he threw an egg on the kitchen floor and refused to clean it up. Especially, they were having a soft conversation while lights were off in the midnight. Vikas has been the head of the channel which ousted Shilpa from her popular TV show. Thus, Vikas goes in front of Shilpa and warns her to stop her nonsense. Hiten confronts him about his behaviour. starts complaining about Luv to Sapna. Breaking the rules, he left tried to leave Bigg Boss' house through an emergency exit. Bandgi also tries to calm her down.

On the latter part of the episode, we will see a bad fight between Vikas and Hina. In an exchange of words, Vikas blames Hina for patching up with Arshi Khan.

# Hina Khan says it was wrong of her to fight for him! Vikas Gupta apologises and says he won't do this again.

Day 9 of Bigg Boss 11 began with the padosis trying to complete their task by convincing the housemates that they belong to one family.

# Vikas Gupta declares that Hina Khan isn't important enough for him to justify his decisions!

Then, the nomination process begins in which Bigg Boss tells gharwales to save one contestant from nomination. Akash is telling Puneesh and Bandgi that Shilpa has gone bonkers.

# Hina Khan & Vikas Gupta get into an argument! He later went out of the house, furious with everybody, but Bigg Boss explained to him that his behaviour wasn't right and he should consider dealing patiently with everyone else.

Sapna Chaudhary and Arshi Khan engaged in an argument over a task by queen Arshi where Sapna is asked to massage her foot which she disobeys and says "this is not what she has joined Bigg Boss for", Sapna was nearly caught into a verbal battle with Arshi and she was going all out on her but was stopped by "King" Hiten Tejwani who cools her down and tells her it wasn't a order for Sapna. Jaaniye aaj 10.30pm sirf #BB11 par!

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