Dentist charged with molesting teen daughter kept in cage

Wednesday, 11 Oct, 2017

Aimee pleaded not guilty.

Deputies arrested the couple after a call for an out-of-control child a home in Huntingburg.

During the search, a closet area of a bedroom was found to have been converted into a lockable cage where the child was kept for extended periods of time. The girl also told officers that she was deprived of food and water.

The cage, which was labeled with the girl's name and fastened with a padlock and chain, contained a mattress and a pan in lieu of a toilet. The teen said she used the bedpan when she had to use the restroom but couldn't get out of the locked cage.

The couple will appear in court again on November 9 at 9:30 am.

Aimee Friz, Alan's wife was also arrested.

As far as the allegations of fondling, the teen told police that her grandfather came into the bathroom once when she was showering when she was 13 and entered her room on a separate occasion, turned off the lights and touched her breasts until other children came in and turned the lights on. Friz and the other children.

Investigators determined that the teen had been sleeping in the cage since September. Friz left the home with the other children while officers were still gathering information.

Alan Friz, 57, and his wife, Aimee Friz, 36, were booked Monday on charges of neglect and criminal confinement, the Dubois County Herald reported.

At his initial hearing, Alan Friz appeared unresponsive, and the proceedings were halted so police officers could check his status.

During a scheduled arraignment for both Alan and Aimee Friz, Alan became unresponsive as the judge read him his charges, delaying the hearing two hours. Authorities later spotted her outside of a courthouse, where they placed her under arrest and charged her with criminal confinement and 22 counts of neglect. Mr. A judge ordered the couple to stop any and all contact with the girl.