Video Of This Aussie Woman Wrestling A Shark Is Going Viral

Wednesday, 11 Oct, 2017

An Australian real estate agent has been dubbed shark wrangler on Facebook after a video shows her dealing with a shark in the most no-big-deal-way ever.

An Australian woman has been filmed rescuing a shark by calmly picking it up from a rock pool and throwing it into the sea.

Hatheier told the Today Show that her mother called her from Sydney's Cronulla beach, telling her there was a shark in the Oak Park Rock Pool and that she had already called the Police.

The clip was captioned, "Our in house Shark Wrangler Melissa Hatheier wrestling a shark out of Oak Park Rock Pool yesterday morning!"

Hatheier has become an internet sensation after the courageous act.

"I rounded up the kids and we headed to the pool". The shark is at least a metre long and looks pretty heavy, but doesn't seem to faze Hatheier, who can be seen matter-of-factly scooping it up and returning it to more appropriate waters. I started to swim around him and he became a bit stressed and started to knock his head on the rocks.

"Everyone was saying, 'What do we do?' Mum even rang triple zero and the police came".

"I just sort of dived on him, put my knee on his fin and grabbed him around the neck and thought, sweet, he won't be able to get me".

A Sydney real estate agent has been caught on camera proving there is no job she won't sink her teeth into.

Bronze whalers have been known to kill humans, and can be aggressive when in the presence of food, but Ms Hatheier said she was not scared by the juvenile shark.

"As a real estate agent I'm used to relocating people and this was similar".