Samsung's 360 Round has 17 camera sensors to capture high quality content

Thursday, 19 Oct, 2017

This device is called the 360 Round and alongside its 17 cameras, it also has six onboard mics for spatial audio and supports two external mic hookups.

The 360-degree camera is powerful enough to livestream 4K VR videos at 30 fps, and as mentioned, the puck-shaped device is covered in 17 2-megapixel cameras to record stereoscopic 3D, VR, and 360-degree videos in 4K. It is also obvious that this camera is targeted at professional filmmakers and users that will take advantage of this power.

The Samsung 360 Round has 17 cameras with a 2M image sensor and f/1.8 aperture. The company has revealed that this new camera is designed for streaming high quality 3D content and VR. The Samsung 360 Round has 10GB RAM and 40GB eMMC internal storage space that can be further expanded up to 256GB using a microSD card as well as up to 2TB using SSD. In an Annual Developer Conference, Samsung has unveiled this new generation 360 degree camera with incredible features. The device measures 205 x 205 x 76.8 mm and weighs in at 1.93 kg. Apparently, we can infer that the camera will be pretty quiet and silent as it functions.

The Samsung 360 Round comes with an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance and it offers 4K content, the ability to live stream with little to no latency and more. The camera stitches images together to create a virtual environment through included PC software.

It will also cost about US$ 10,500 (about RM 44,363).We hope the next Samsung 360 camera will pick up hints from the 360 Round - you know, so we can have better consumer-grade 360-content recording. Experts argue that a post-processing rig requires a Core i7-6700K, GeForce GTX 1080 graphics and 16GB of RAM.