Conjoined twins born in Gaza 'will need life-saving medical treatment abroad'

Tuesday, 24 Oct, 2017

A travel plea for conjoined twins born in Gaza over the weekend has been issued by doctors there who say the infants desperately need care outside of the blockaded Palestinian enclave.

One-day-old Palestinian conjoined twins lie in an incubator at the nursery on October 22, 2017 at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

"A woman gave birth this morning to Siamese twins joined at the stomach and pelvis", Gaza's Shifa Hospital head of neonatal unit Allam Abu Hamda told AFP.

Family members have appealed that the girls be allowed to leave Gaza to undergo treatment.

Hamda says doctors are trying to arrange a transfer to advanced hospitals in the United States or Saudi Arabia to determine whether they can be separated.

In most cases, conjoined twins usually die within 24 hours however the girls were now in a stable condition. Palestinian hospitals lack the equipment and expertise to separate the twins.

The twins have one shared leg, but separate hearts and lungs.

Dr Abu Hamda said the US, Saudi Arabia or Israel could be potential transfer destinations for the twins. Those twins also subsequently died. The survival rate is usually between five and 25 percent.