Blissfield HS students unite against bullying

Thursday, 26 Oct, 2017

Organizers are asking teachers, students and staff across the Hind County School District to wear orange to show unity against bullying. Seventh-grader, Victoria Harris, says bullying is hurtful.

"Everybody deserves the same amount of respect", says Craigmont 8th grader Ashton Smith.

Bethany Thompson, a student at Triad Middle School, committed suicide in her home in October 2016 after her parents said she was tormented about her crooked smile.

"It's not good to bully each other", said Harris.

Bullying Prevention Center reports that peer intervention stops more than half of bullying situations and anti-bullying programs like this one at Riverside decreases bullying by 25%.

School officials sid they have strict policies against bullying and that they've implemented programs to prevent it.

Students were encouraged to wear orange to school to show their support for bullying prevention. "They're actually reaching out for help".

"It's a bunch of people coming together no matter what demographic you're from you know race, gender religion whatever and just loving each other and being friendly and being nice", Jack Kern, a Memorial High School senior said.

"They're names are here for a reason because they just want to stand up against bullying. It should be more of an inside type feeling", says Ashton.