Frost advisory for northwest OH areas — WEATHER FORECAST

Thursday, 26 Oct, 2017

A frost advisory was in effect until 9 a.m. Wednesday for several counties in far north Georgia and North Carolina. Plus counties in Southern Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. A Frost Advisory also extends into northwest IN as well as north into southeastern Wisconsin and south into east-central IL.

Temperatures will get even colder overnight into Thursday morning, with lows in the middle 30s.

Frost sensitive plants should be brought indoors or covered with layers of newspapers or blankets, the weather service says. These temperatures, along with clear skies and light winds, will be favorable for the development of frost late tonight and around daybreak Wednesday.

CBS 2's Ed Curran is out with the Mobile Weather Lab at Pasquesi Home & Gardens in Barrington. If you can not bring your plants inside, it is recommended to cover them in paper or cotton.