Samsung vs. Apple award appeal rejected by US Supreme Court

Monday, 06 Nov, 2017

While they sided with Samsung on a different case in December 2016, it seems that they went the opposite direction with the patent case over features including slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick links, which automatically turns information like addresses and phone numbers into links. The Supreme Court previous year told a lower court to revisit a separate $399 million award Apple won for Samsung's copying of the iPhone design.

Apple shares are up 1.15%.

The US Supreme Court today declined to hear another appeal of a May 2014 verdict awarding Apple $119.6m for Samsung's alleged infringement of software patents including "quick links", Reuters reports.

On Monday, the justices issued a single-line denial of the appeal without comment.

The Apple v Samsung patent trial in which the judge said she'd like to see the case resolved before she retires is not the only long-running patent lawsuit between the two companies. Interestingly enough, the infringement of the quick links feature amounted to almost $99 million of the total damages in this case. An appeals panel overturned that verdict, but the full appellate panel reinstated the award in October 2016 by a vote of 8-3.

In the latest case, Samsung also argued that it shouldn't have been subject to a court order barring future use of Apple's innovations.

Apple urged the justices to leave the jury award in place, saying there was nothing "novel or important" to review in its rival's appeal.