Sony reveals Skyrim PSVR bundle to release in November

Tuesday, 07 Nov, 2017

Skyrim comes to PSVR this month, and if you're interested in experiencing the acclaimed open-world RPG in VR but have yet to pick up the headset, a new bundle will give you everything you need to jump in. Also in the box is the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Skyrim VR - including the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn add-ons. The PSVR Demo Disc is also included, as it is with any bundle featuring the virtual reality device.

This bundle will come with the updated PS VR system featuring revised design that enables the stereo headphone cables to be integrated with the VR headset, and a slimmer, streamlined connection cable. There's also new HDR pass-through on the processing unit so you don't have to fumble around with the cables to achieve that feature from your PS4 to your TV.

The PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle will run for 449.99 Dollars and 579.99 CAD coming out on November 17.

Once you complete the game with an awesome VR experience, you may wish to get more VR titles. For those who are longtime fans of the game, Skyrim VR will transport you right into the game's epic world.

If you're excited to try out Skyrim VR, make sure to watch this brand new TV spot for the title, which shows off some sweet gameplay and just looks quite glorious. And you will - all in a stunning virtual reality package. A lot of the games are literally overpriced tech demos, the locomotion support on a lot of the PSVR titles is either non-existent or requires a DualShock 4 or the PlayStation Aim, making the PlayStation Move controllers seem redundant and/or useless.

The PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle will launch alongside the game on November 17 in the USA for $449.99 Dollars and in Canada for $579.99 CAD.