Is Hina using Priyank as a weapon against Arshi?

Tuesday, 07 Nov, 2017

Captain Puneesh Sharma got the first opportunity to vote for seven people among the housemates. Then Puneesh angrily says "apni mom ki kasam kha ke bolo".

The eleventh season of the popular reality show has nearly completed it's one month and the fans of the show have seen it all.

Another ugly fight inside the Bigg Boss house, here are the details.

Arshi asks why he is bringing outside stuff in the house. Bigg Boss then annonced the name of the nominated contestant and Priyank, Benafsha, Sabyasachi, Sapna and Mehjabee gets nominated. Right from Hina Khan Vs Shilpa Shinde to Benafsha Soonawalla Vs Akash Dadlani to Puneesh Sharma Vs Priyank Sharma, contestants battle it out at the Bigg Boss house. Besides Priyank Sharma, Rannvijay Singha, Ankit Bathla and Angad Hasija will also take the judges' seat.

Later, Bigg Boss congratulates Shilpa for getting immunity from the eviction.

Interestingly, Shilpa gets an advantage to see nomination footage in the secret room.

Later, Benafsha asks Shilpa about Akash's nomination.

Benafsha gets frustrated with these allegations and says that her family has a reputation and he keeps on blaming her for being unhygienic.

Sometime later, Benafsha joins in the conversation with Hina and Priyank and tells them that Puneesh had told her about some of the nasty things that Akash said about her. Hearing this, Puneesh also loses his cool and calls Benafsha a liar and starts shouting at her. Priyank intervenes and in turn a huge fight blows up between the two of them.

Later, in the night, Hina tells Priyank and Sabyasachi to see the show of Puneesh and Bandgi's romance. In case you miss it, you can log on to Voot and watch all Bigg Boss 11 videos.