Blanket Jackson receives freakish public message from Grandfather Joseph Jackson

Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2017

13, Joe Jackson - the 89-year-old Jackson family patriarch - shared a freaky video message dedicated to Blanket "Bigi" Jackson, the 15-year-old son of Michael Jackson. The 15-year-old is the youngest son of the late singer and was seen sitting next to his 89-year-old grandfather in the photo. You're like your father. Joe continued: "And see a lot of movies if you can, good movies". Be like me. Be tough in a good way.

Alongside the video posted to his official website, Jackson wrote, "To my grandson Blanket". Above all, I love you all.

'Your health is I dunno what, you're like your father. Take care, man, you be good.

He shared a heartfelt message to Blanket Jackson. And see all of the movies that you can.

Joe also shared a photo of him and his youngest grandson, which showed the pair beaming at the camera. The words "Learn the rules and break them" were written across the image.

It seems Joe might have gotten confused in his video message; not only does he refer to his grandson by his old name, he also suggests he has more than one brother - Michael only had three children in total; Prince Michael, 20, Paris, 19 and Bigi.

On 2 November, Michael Jackson's oldest son Prince met with a major accident while riding his Harley Davidson motorbike in Los Angeles. Earlier this month, Prince was rushed to the hospital after he was involved in a motorcycle accident.

The Loyola Marymount University student - whose mother is nurse Debbie Rowe - thanked the first responders, medical staff, and his fans for their concern while resting at home later that day.

The notoriously private teen changed his name to Bigi in 2015 after years of bullying.

Joe Jackson's wife and MJ's mum, Katherine Jackson resigned as Blanket's guardian just a few weeks ago, citing both her age and Blanket's as reasons for stepping down.