British YouTuber criticised for allegedly price-gouging Christmas calendar

Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2017

The tweets were sent from the 27-year-old's account in 2010, 2011 and 2012 but most have since been deleted.

The first deleted post from 2010 reads: 'I find it amusing when gay men spit... it's like they're trying to be a bit macho but never works...'

Aside from homophobic language other tweets appear to mock those with a low income.

The tweet from 2011 says: "Why did that fat chav go and stand next to him?" Was she George's wing man?

An unidentified woman in another post was told she should "keep her legs shut".

Zoella - real name Zoe Sugg - has angered fans after charging £50 for her new project.

The tweets were published in the Metro, and it remains unclear whether the they were written by the vlogger herself.

And in August, she was slammed by fans for posting a "jokey gif" of Bill Cosby on Twitter - before swiftly deleting it.

Daily Star Online has contacted a rep for Zoella for comment.

The Advent Calendar, which has 12 doors instead of the standard 24, was sold in stores for £50 (€55, $65), prompting huge backlash from shoppers who felt that it was a ripoff.

"We will be offering the product at half price during our Christmas promotion, where the calendar will be on sale for £25.00 from Thursday 16th November".

The Lifestyle Advent Calendar listening states that it contains bauble, confetti, purse, candle 130g, cookie cutter x 2, jotter pad, key ring, pen, room spray 30ml, stickers and votive.

Since facing a huge backlash, Boots has slashed the price of the calendar in half.

In 2014 she released her debut novel, Girl Online, which "achieved the highest first-week sales for a debut author since records began in 1998", according to the Guardian.

A spokeswoman for Zoella Lifestyle said: 'Zoe is incredibly proud of the Christmas collection and excited to see it in store.