Crytek announces Battle Royale mode for Warface

Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2017

In news that can only be described as developers just following a trend, Crytek have announced that their free-to-play military shooter Warface will be getting a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds inspired Battle Royale mode. Well, apparently since no one remembers it Crytek chose to give it a facelift by adding a Battle Royale mode to the game, all in a desperate attempt to help breathe some life into it.

Like other games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or Fortnite, the Battle Royale mode in Warface will be Last Man Standing, and will see one player against all as they attempt to vie for the supremacy of survival against their opponents. The mode is expected to go live with the game's next update.

As with all Battle Royale games, you can expect a large map, lots of players and a shrinking safe zone, pushing players to remain on the move and fight. Normally medium ammo is found in stacks of 10 in whatever game mode-but in this new update, the stack size increases depending on what mode you are playing in.

Crytek detailed the map in its latest blog post, explaining some of the features the new game mode might include, such as a play space that will close in on players after being randomly decided at the start of the match, loot drops, and more. Needless to say, the game was discontinued after only a ten month run on the Xbox 360, but the game is still going strong on the PC. Crytek wants to first make sure that the users of Warface this innovation to the liking, get their feedback and only then to leave Battle Royale on an ongoing basis.