Indian man claims strip of land between Egypt and Sudan

Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2017

Summary: DEHRADUN: Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old businessman from Indore, has proclaimed himself "king" of a 2,000 sq km area between Egypt and Sudan, which is the largest unclaimed habitable territory in the world.

However, the border was deemed unrepresentative of tribal use of the area and a new one was drawn in 1902, giving Sudan control of Hala'ib and switching control of Bir Tawil to Egypt. It is not easy to reach the place as it is an worldwide border.

Describing the place, Suyash said that he traveled 319 kms (to and fro) in a far off desert to claim this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil. "But, if your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying!" he writes.

However, the Washington Post reports that both Egypt and Sudan would need to recognise any claim to the region and these can only be made by extant recognised states, not individuals. As I declared this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now for the eternity of time.

He was allowed entry into the area on three conditions, no photos of military areas (which is nearly everything), to be back in the single day and not to carry any valuables.

"I, Suyash Dixit, first of my name and the protector of the realm, declare myself as the king of "Kingdom of Dixit," he wrote in a Facebook post".

Indian man claims strip of land between Egypt and Sudan

Suyash Dixit planted a flag to establish the "Kingdom of Dixit" in barren Bir Tawil. "I pledge to continue to work for the prosperity of my people of the country and this motherland", Dixit wrote on Facebook.

He "founded" the Kingdom of Dixit (KOD) and in Game of Thrones style declared himself the king. He also asked interested parties to apply for citizenship.

He has appointed his father as the President of KoD as a birthday gift and Suyog Dixit as the acting Prime Minister and the Head of Military.

The name of the capital of this country is Suyashpur. He also sowed some seeds and poured water into it.

Suyash has chosen the country's national animal "lizard". As a result, Bir Tawil remains the only border anomaly where neither side wishes to claim it. In 2014, Jeremiah Heaton, an American citizen, travelled to Bir Tawil to make his daughter the real-life princess. In 2011, Jack Shenker had visited the place and planted a multicoloured flag.