Akash kisses Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan calls Hiten 'spineless'

Thursday, 07 Dec, 2017

And once again it is said that the mastermind of the house Vikas should be given the credit for it. Hiten makes Arshi shout that she wants to be a captain.

No matter how much the housemates try to hide their intentions, Bigg Boss ends up exposing their true colours, and this week's captaincy task is a true game-changer. Arshi has been considered a very strong competition from the initial weeks, and now she is going to be safe for another week in the house, making her stronger than other contestants. A sound of baby crying was played at regular intervals, when the housemates had to take their respective prams to the parking lot and park them. Hug it out With what he thinks are the few of his last days in the house, Akash tells Arshi he wants to bury the hatchet and that he will always be her friend.

According to a report in Business of Cinema, the most manipulative contestant Vikas Gupta supports Arshi and make her the captain of the house. "You are a loser", angry Hiten tells Akash. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Vikas interrupts and tells her yes, and she gets irritated and tells him that he is not talking to him, but to Hiten. Hina, Priyank and Puneesh predict that either Vikas or Arshi would become the next captain. The captaincy task had the housemates becoming babysitters. Luv questions Vikas, who has Luv's miniature doll, that why is he not supporting him for captaincy, and Vikas tells him that there was no guarantee. Vikas Gupta blocked Hiten Tejwani's way, thus, ousting Hina Khan from the race. Puneesh asks him to mind his language. She says, she is being forthright and can't scheme and plot like them. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank. Hina loses her cool and asks Hiten to fight and force park his pram, but Vikas stops him again despite his requests. Shilpa refuses and Arshi starts hurling abuses. In a rather shocking turn of events, Akash, in order to make peace with Shilpa, kissed her on the cheek without taking her consent.