Google's Progressive Web Apps will replace Chrome Apps next year

Thursday, 07 Dec, 2017

By early 2018, Chrome apps that are already installed on the Google's browser will no longer work.

Back in August past year, Google announced that it would be shuttering down the apps section in the Chrome Web Store. People who use Chrome just for web surfing will be able to download extensions and themes.

In order to enable a more seamless transition from Chrome Apps to the web, Chrome will not fully remove support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac or Linux until after Desktop PWA installability becomes available in 2018. Google announced this via a blog post on 19th August 2016 and now have updated the blog post on 5th December 2017, making the change live from today.

"As we continue our efforts to simplify Chrome, we believe it's time to begin the evolution away from the Chrome apps platform".

Google on Wednesday made good on its promise to rid of Chrome Apps. Well, almost a year-and-half later Google has completed the job and now, Chrome browser will not be able to access or install any apps from the store. For more information on PWAs, you can visit the dedicated Google developers page here.

With the removal of Chrome apps, Google wants developers to start adopting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

Chrome for Android has already supported PWAs, and they aim to make the web feel like a native app.

Google's replacement for Chrome apps will come in the form of what it refers to as PWAs or progressive web apps.

This is the companion extension for the Chrome Remote Desktop website ( Because of this, other companies are jumping on the PWA bandwagon: it works on Samsung Android phones in the Samsung browser, Firefox on Android, and Opera on Android.

Another great thing about Progressive Web Apps is that it's not exclusive to Google's Chrome web browser because it uses all existing W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.