Preserve net neutrality: Letter to the editor

Thursday, 07 Dec, 2017

A tweet that shows a supposed glimpse of a future without net neutrality is making the rounds online, but it isn't exactly true.

On Dec. 14, the FCC will decide on whether they should continue to follow the principles of net neutrality, President Barack Obama established in 2015. The FCC said this could hurt video services that weren't owned by the carriers.

Demand Progress offers some stock language that protesters can use when setting up their event and has produced a three-page guide for executing the protest, as well a flyer to hand out to attendees that details ways to take action to defend net neutrality. This move would take away any oversight authority the FCC has over internet providers. Pai claims that under his proposal, "the federal government will stop micromanaging the internet".

"We are at the point of litigation, not legislation", Markey said. Those in favor of the net neutrality say that this freedom is one of the main reasons we've seen so much innovation on the internet over the last two decades - think Google, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram and so on. "We are simply shifting from one-size-fits-all pre-emptive regulation to targeted enforcement based on actual market failure or anticompetitive conduct". Getting rid of net neutrality could ultimately mean limiting the information you can receive on the internet. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Arizona Senator John McCain, Tennessee Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander were also called out for accepting money from the anti-net neutrality lobbyists.

"AT&T intends to operate its network the same way AT&T operates its network today: in an open and transparent manner".

If net neutrality disappeared, a possible situation that may occur is throttling.

Members of the Napa County Green Party invite the community to join our protest to save net neutrality this Thursday from noon to 2 front of the Napa Verizon store at 1715 Trancas Street. Activists have largely denounced the threats.

This is why it is extremely important for net neutrality to stay in place. The agency might indeed have done so had Democrats remained in charge. An aide told The Hill that dozens of lawmakers have signed on and that they are in talks with a few Republicans.

"These reports raise serious concerns as to whether the record the FCC is now relying on has been tampered with and merits the full attention of, and investigation by, the FCC before votes on this item are cast", the senators wrote.

If Pai's plan is passed as expected, Free Press and other groups have hinted at trying to overturn it with a lawsuit, but until then the pressure will likely increase for the FCC and Congress.

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