Raila Odinga tells off United States over his swearing-in plan

Thursday, 07 Dec, 2017

Mr Odinga on Thursday said the USA and other countries that have advised against the December 12 inauguration should know that "the will of the people can not be stopped".

But in a statement on Friday, the Judiciary stated that it had not received any formal communication from NASA about the inauguration.

The US, Mr Odinga said, should not talk about violation of the constitution as far as his swearing-in is concerned yet Washington DC has been "loudly silent" on killing of innocent protesters by police since August.

Odinga successfully challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta's August re-election in court but then boycotted a rerun vote in October, demanding electoral reforms.

On November 28, the day President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in, Raila told his supporters that he would be sworn in on Jamhuri day as the people's president. Accompanying him on the trip was US National Security Council Director for Africa Jonathan Howard. That is a surprising shift considering he had called for a six-month transition government to prepare for fresh elections.

Kenya's opposition Nasa will in the next two days give an update of its programme of action leading up to the swearing-in of its leader Raila Odinga as the "people's president".