Death Stranding Still Teases Surrealism In New Trailer

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

There is still no game play footage, but based on the trailers it's safe to say that the game will feature plenty of Kojima's infamously freaky ideas.

After a mystery-filled teaser was debuted at least year's Game Awards show, Death Stranding made another appearance this year in the form of a mystery-filled teaser.

During the award ceremony of The Game Awards, legendary Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima revealed a new trailer for his upcoming game Death Stranding. After what appears to be a wreck of some sort, crushing one character underneath it, the trailer shows an invisible monster before a carcass completely evaporates, ostensibly because of the beast. "Then came the next explosion". Death Stranding is published by Sony, so expect it out on a PlayStation console of some description at some point in the future.

"And nothing's going to stop us this time", Reedus replied, referring to the cancellation of Silent Hills by Kojima's former employee Konami. The Norman Reedus character manages to survive, and the trailer ends with a look at the baby from the first trailer... inside Norman Reedus' character.

No concrete release date was given for the game.