Holiday decorating safety tips that save lives

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

She uses her large Norfolk Island Pine houseplant as the Christmas tree. No, they don't look like the classic Christmas tree shape, but that's the point. Thinking no one was going to be around to go Christmas tree hunting again this year, Terri dragged the fake tree box down the stairs and into the living room and I started constructing it.

"We couldn't believe it - we sell the occasional pink tree each Christmas, but could never have predicted a complete sell out of such an unusual item, especially by the second week of November!"

Beyond that, Spinks has one Christmas wish. For example, to make sure a tree is fresh, remove a needle and bend it in half.

The Wall Street Journal notes that between 2002 and 2012, the total acreage dedicated to Christmas tree production declined by 30 percent. Fraser fir is a native in the Southeast Appalachian regions. Did Kevin want to end future fake tree Christmases for good?

Germans are credited with bringing the first Christmas trees into their homes and decorating them in the spirit of Christmas.

The tree farm opens for the season each year on the day after Thanksgiving.

I like our fake tree for several reasons.

He says eBay's Christmas advert, which featured a bright pink Christmas tree, could be the cause for pink's popularity.

The Martins operated a more traditional ranch before the tree farm was started, raising a few cattle and growing alfalfa.

Looking past the holiday season, a U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA would have dire implications for the entire agricultural industry, according to O'Connor, of the U.S. National Christmas Tree Association.

We still get a real tree, but a few years ago I also bought an artificial one for my home office. The tree has a strong scent and its strong slender twigs hold ornaments well.

You can hardly find a natural, un-sheered tree at the tree lots anymore.

-Be diligent if space heaters are in use - keep them at least 3 feet away from any combustibles and away from children.

Before placing lights on your tree, Lynn Simmons, director of communications for South Plains Electric Cooperative, said it is important to make sure there is a UL listing code on all of the lights.

Customers are sent on their way with advice on maintaining their freshly-cut tree. Don't allow the water level to drop below the bottom of the tree, as a seal will form on the bottom and the tree will stop absorbing water (you'll have to make a new cut). Don't add sugar, molasses, bleach, honey, floral preservatives, or other substances to the tree's water. Experts agree that these do nothing to maintain the freshness of the tree. Tree lights should not be left on unless someone is at home, and should be turned off when the family goes to bed. They don't shed anywhere near the kind of needles that a real tree does.