Man United to Give Mourinho Budget of €90M for January Transfer Window

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

Manchester United this weekend will be the next side to take up the challenge and may have a little more in their arsenal than the majority of City's opponents thus far in a 2017-2018 season littered with glittering successes.

United have an embarrassment of numbers in the role behind Romelu Lukaku (who just gets the nod on account of Zlatan Ibrahimovic being yet to score since his return) and while Jose Mourinho struggles with who to pick from Rashford and Martial, we have no such issue so we can pick them both.

The two sides met in the International Champions Cup (ICC) in Houston last summer, a year after another attempt to play each other overseas was abandoned because of torrential rain in Beijing.

The Citizens are looking to set a new Premier League record with a 14th successive top-flight victory since a 1-1 draw with Everton at The Etihad back in August. "I mean, if you go back to Mourinho's teams with Chelsea, they wouldn't be as flamboyant, they wouldn't be as attractive to watch but I would think they were better balanced between defence and attack than Guardiola", he said to Nathan. Mourinho knows he must try for the win and while he is aware that he is facing the most unsafe attacking team his players will have to deal with all season, he has to take them on and hope that my reservations about Guardiola's defence prove accurate.

Happily for Mourinho, sitting deep, packing the midfield and allowing the opposition possession sits exactly into his protocol for away games against top sides, as revealed by Diego Torres in his biography of the former Real Madrid coach, and as practised with stultifying efficiency against Liverpool this season. Despite being on the sidelines himself, Pogba believes that United can win the derby.

"But Manchester United have good players and it doesn't matter who is going to play in his position, they will do a good job".

He added, "Obviously, we are playing City and in this moment we need the points and we need to win".

"If you won a derby, all season the fans would say 'well done guys you beat City'".

"When I played for City, they were not the biggest club", he said.

The Manchester derby this Sunday is likely to go a long way in determining the outcome of this season's Premier League title race. Big names in both teams. "It is going to be very, very interesting".