Ryanair threatens to cut pilots pay if they vote for industrial action

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

Several outlets in the country reported Wednesday (6 December), that Ryanair could see its first ever strike next week after Italian union ANPAC announced plans for its members to strike.

This followed yesterday's ballot backing strike action by the airline's pilots based in Portugal, and a warning from the Irish Air Line Pilots Association that they are reserving the right to ballot for strike action if Ryanair refuses to negotiate with bodies selected by the employees. "Ryanair pilots, who are members of IALPA, are now considering their options". But pilots have mobilised in the wake of the announcement of 20,000 flight cancellations by the Irish carrier, which it said was due to a lack of standby pilots.

"As this is a developing Ryanair pilot trade dispute in another jurisdiction, IALPA are not now in a position for further comment".

Ryanair has been busy recruiting additional pilots to make up the shortfall, and in October tempted former manager in charge of pilots, Peter Bellew, back to Ireland from his post as chief executive of Malaysia Airlines.

"No more whipsawing. One pilot voice, one negotiating team now".

The airline has never been subject to a pilot strike, although baggage handlers took industrial action briefly in 1998, and the company does not recognise trade unions. We, the pilots of Ryanair, are not short-term, expendable commodities.

Ryanair brushed off the prospect of fresh disruption, saying that previous threatened strikes hade failed to materialise.

"Both we and our pilots ignore these letters", he said.

"This is the sixth time FIT/CISL [other unions] or ANPAC has announced strikes by Ryanair pilots, only to postpone/cancel them later", she added.

Ryanair said: "We regularly receive threats of industrial action from competitor airline pilot unions from Italy, Portugal and even Aer Lingus pilots occasionally".

It has reportedly warned pilots in Dublin that it would meet any attempts at strike action "head on" and would move some aircraft out of the capital.