Tokyo 2020 unveils mascot shortlist

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

The mascot with the most votes will win.

This morning, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee officially unveiled the three mascot finalists at an event held at an elementary school in Shibuya.

The final pair in the running to be chosen as the official Games mascots is the "C pairing", with "the fox that jumped out from Japanese fairy tales" and the shape-shifting raccoon that transforms itself using the leaf on its head. The elementary school classes' decision will be announced on February 28, 2018.

The children of Japan will get to vote on the victor, with each primary school class casting a single vote between December 11 and February 22.

Proposal A is a pair of characters with an iichimatsu moyo checkered pattern.

Japanese schoolchildren will help determine the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. "Japan is also a mascot giant and the world's leader in creative fields ... and these designs showcase such mastery". The second set features a lucky cat and fox hybrid, said to be good luck, and a guardian dog that is a popular fixture at Japanese shrines.

Doi, who takes lessons at a swimming school and wants to become an athlete, added that he was looking forward to watching Olympic competitors - especially those representing his favorite sport - compete in his hometown.

The mascots will be selected by school children for the first time in the games' history. The members include TV personality Shoko Nakagawa. Students from Japanese schools outside Japan and from Japan's global schools are also eligible to vote. The victor will be announced on February 28. The names of the chosen mascots are expected to be released in July to August of the same year.