Will 'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Taika Waititi Direct the Next 'Star Wars' Movie?

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

That said, it would be really, really, really cool if Kathleen Kennedy would start considering female filmmakers to helm one of the many future Star Wars movies in the works. The film was termed as exciting, hilarious, adventurous and action-packed film by reviewers. There are many talented female directors out there who would probably leap at the chance to direct a film in this franchise. I think he has exactly the right sensibility.

Taika Waititi has gone from indie filmmaker to blockbuster super-director with the success of Thor: Ragnarok, which means it's only a matter of time before he moves on to even bigger things.

Waititi has expressed scepticism about directing a Star Wars movie in the past.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was very complimentary of Waititi in a recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi press junket in New Zealand, opening the door for Waititi into thefranchise. "Very exciting to see him step into the Marvel universe and do such an awesome job with Thor".

Kennedy seems pretty keen on having Waititi on board, because the Lucasfilm bigwig then encouraged the publication to "let him know" about the informal job offer. Further, when she was asked if it was a genuine job offer, she laughed and said "yes" quite seriously.

Waititi has already addressed the idea of his joining the Star Wars universe. "There's not much room for someone like me".

Make a list of the five hottest directors in Hollywood right now, and Taika Waititi would nearly certainly be on it. Thor: Ragnarok, his first major blockbuster, was a massive hit at the box office, and he was praised for revitalizing the Thor franchise with a bright, cosmic action-comedy.

Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow was recently replaced by JJ Abrams, while The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired from their Han Solo movie. Meanwhile at Marvel, the latest director to venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Taika Waititi.

Waititi's distinct creative vision seemed to flow so well with Marvel and because of it, some have questioned whether or not he should make the jump from the Marvel cosmos to the Star Wars galaxy. Tell us in the comment box below.