YouTube likely leading Google's merged music streaming service, 2018 launch planned

Friday, 08 Dec, 2017

According to Bloomberg, this new service would appease record executives who have been very critical when it comes to streaming services in general.

YouTube has plans to release a new paid music service next spring, Bloomberg reports citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Warner Music Group has already signed on, though discussions with juggernauts Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group have been underway for over a year. Spotify is the giant, and it only offers a streaming music option.

That could help the company take on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music - but given that YouTube already has a Music app, as well as a paid subscription service (called YouTube Red), and Google already has a streaming service and music store, it's an odd strategy to start on at this point.

YouTube has always been seen as one of the biggest obstacles for musical artists and labels, seeing as it's a go-to site for streaming free music.

While the music streaming service is expected to arrive in March, YouTube is still grinding out the details of its deals, so it could face delays that push out that launch date.

YouTube reportedly has a new music-streaming service in the works to perhaps replace YouTube Red.

Vevo is majority owned by Universal and Sony.

The one major advantage YouTube could have over its rivals is a huge catalog of video content to complement its music library.