OnePlus 5 & 5T are facing issues in streaming videos in HD

Monday, 11 Dec, 2017

This was pointed out by whatthefunk, a OnePlus forum user. In order to play HD content, devices need to support Level 1, with the OnePlus 5T now only supporting Level 3.

That's a bummer for folks who've shelled out $500 on OnePlus' premium phones, and especially those who waited for the 5T, with its 6-inch screen that's supposed to be all about its immersive viewing experience.

The company has explained to The Verge that an update is in the works to enable HD streaming on these devices.

OnePlus 5 and the successor device - OnePlus 5T can't stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, and other video services in high-definition now, but the company has promised to bring the support to both the phones very soon.

Over at the official OnePlus forums, users have been complaining about this for over a week now. DRM refers to Digital Rights Management, which is used to restrict the use of particular hardware or copyrighted content. Both devices OnePlus 5T and its predecessor OnePlus 5 are facing similar kind of issue.

The 5T is now certified for the L3 security level of Google's Widevine DRM regulation which blocks playing back content in high definition. In our tests, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both looked noticeably pixelated on the 5T, even when both apps were set to stream at the highest possible quality and the phone was connected to a fast Wi-Fi network.

Note: None of the OnePlus devices - as of yet - come with the correct DRM level support for HD playback on services such as Netflix. There is no time frame given for this update though.

It was about a month ago that OnePlus debuted its latest handset, the OnePlus 5T.