ARES Design Project Panther Brings De Tomaso Pantera Into The 21st Century

Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2017

Italian supercars are typically stop-and-stare-worthy, but ARES Design, a coachbuilder out of Modena, Italy, just dropped something we might be staring at a bit longer than usual. In short, it marries a bespoke, coach-built body inspired by the rather lovely De Tomaso Pantera, with the underpinnings of the Lamborghini Huracán. Incorporating some of the design elements that made the Ghia-designed original such a hit, the new vehicle has a distinctly contemporary twist. We expect the Project Panther to have at least 602bhp as in the Huracan LP-610, although customers will surely be given the option of more if they ask. But these sorts of low-production coachwork cars aren't really about performance are they?

While Ares Design faces long odds in getting this auto into full production, I hope they can make it happen.

To be designed, engineered and built in ARES's new manufacturing facility in Modena, the Project Panther will act as the company's new halo product. The Panther is the third auto to emerge from the company, following a bespoke Mulsanne and a modified G-Wagen.

Ares Design is also working with JE MotorWorks to create 53 bespoke Land Rover Defenders as part of its plan to become the new world leader in coachbuilt cars. That's right - next year will bring with it new "surprises" from Ares.

It'll be a limited edition (though no production run is given, but expect only a few), and it's now undergoing final design, aero and crash-test assessment in Modena. Ares is aiming for a debut in the second half of 2018, with some potential customers already paying deposits. Creating a new auto, even one based on a current production vehicle, is a hard, complex and expensive task.