Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition launch trailer teases new DLC

Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2017

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard serves as somewhat of a reboot for the series and received critical acclaim upon its release nearly a year ago. A new offer from Capcom has come out so that players can enjoy this new addition to Survival Horror.

Capcom has exhumed a grisly Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition launch trailer for your consumption, teasing the newly-released End of Zoe and Not a Hero DLC in the process. Ultimately, Joe will have to contend with these alligators and other beasts while he explores some brand new locations that weren't seen in the base game.

As for what each new slice of DLC entails, End of Zoe sees players following up on Zoe Baker's unfortunate story alongside the "mysterious outdoorsman" Joe Baker, as featured above.

Let's remind the players who don't have the Gold Edition that the End of Zoe DLC reveals the fate of the character with the same name.

Another DLC has also been released called Not a Hero, and is free to download and play provided you have the game.

The free Not A Hero update features the return of Resident Evil fan-favourite character Chris Redfield, who has been a mainstay of the Resident Evil series since the very start. Our favorite boulder-punching steroid addict will use his fighting skills to combat terrifying creatures. Additionally, the game plays out similar to a first person shooter, which isn't a new genre within the Resident Evil series.

The gist: Resident Evil 7 is an encapsulation of the Resident Evil franchise as a whole. People who want to purchase the Season Pass can still do so by paying $29.99 Dollars.