Seth Rogen to play newsman Walter Cronkite in new Kennedy assassination film

Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2017

The film recounts the events of November 22, 1963, as television news stations raced to report the facts of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Texas.

CBS interrupted its afternoon broadcast of As the World Turns first to inform viewers that the president had been wounded after his motorcade was sacked upon in Dallas, and then Cronkite broke in once more to inform TV viewers that the president had died.

The project is apparently coming together fast, and while Rogen and Green are the only confirmed names, Mark Ruffalo is being courted for the role of Hewitt and Bryan Cranston is eyed to play Aubrey.

Green, who directed Rogen in 2008 comedy Pineapple Express, is now shooting upcoming horror reboot Halloween. WW production head who recently launch Stampede Ventures, is producing with Adam Kolbrenner.

The movie chronicles how Cronkite became the most trusted newsman in the business. However, going as far back as Judd Apatow's 2009 dramedy Funny People and Sara Polley's 2011 drama Take This Waltz, he's also sunk his teeth into more serious performances over the years, and Cronkite could be easily his weightiest role yet.

Rogen previously collaborated with Green on the 2008 comedy Pineapple Express and the 2015 political satire Our Brand Is Crisis.

Newsflash has already booked the most plot-appropriate premiere possible, with the release date of November 22, 2018 (the 55 anniversary of the JFK assassination). The actor's big role this year was in James Franco's acclaimed Tommy Wiseau biopic The Disaster Artist, which is up for two big awards at the Golden Globes.