Disney-Fox Deal Could Be Announced This Thursday

Thursday, 14 Dec, 2017

According to CNBC's sources, the Mickey Mouse House's deal with 21 Century Fox has the company valuing the studio's television and movie assets at a total enterprise value of $60 billion. Those assets include the Twentieth Century Fox movie and TV studio, cable channels including regional sports networks and key worldwide properties.

Following the Disney deal, Fox will retain ownership of Fox News, its biggest profit driver, Fox Sports channel and sports rights, Fox Business and its broadcast TV network of 28 local television stations in the US.

However, it marks a huge change of trajectory for Rupert Murdoch, who has built up his media empire over five decades to include huge swathes of the publishing, broadcasting and film industries, and the sale will mark one of the largest media deals in recent years.

Fox would remain as an independent entity, as Fox Sports, Fox News and Fox Business would remain with its current company. That would put him in the running as a candidate to eventually succeed Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The merger of the two movie studios and Disney's dominant position in sport could be raised as a possible competition concern.

The company would obtain 21st Century's film studio and television channels including FX, FXX, National Geographic along with global stations such as Star and Sky. For the MCU specifically, there's also a lot to be said about the potential merge, especially in regards to what it means for its future, and for Fox's superhero slate thus far.

Disclosure: Mike Binger does not own shares of Disney.

Disney has already managed to recoup their investment on all those sales. And last week, the two studios stepped closer to making it happen. One senior analyst said the deal is set to change the balance of power and control of news media in the United Kingdom due its ramifications for Britain's biggest pay-TV network.

Comcast had also been considering a deal to purchase Fox, but announced on Monday they were pulling out of talks. "That's what we tried to do and we are no longer engaged in the review of those assets".

Comcast issued a statement saying it was never able to secure the level of engagement needed to pursue a deal with Fox.