Tag: Samsung Wraparound Display

Thursday, 14 Dec, 2017

There's a new patent out for Samsung featuring a smartphone with a screen that wraps around the edge and partly onto the back of the device, as discovered by LetsGoDigital.

Case in point, this patent was filed by Samsung to the US Patent and Trademark Office back in early September 2016, only to get approved on December 12th 2017. Do you remember the original Note Edge? By doing so, it creates a dual screen handset, but only requires one display panel, which will keep costs down and and the component count low.

The device, which has been referred to as a "display device" in the patent, is shown with a large main screen on the front that wraps around to the rear where more apps could potentially be displayed. Owners would soon learn where the icons are on the rear display allowing them to tap without even looking to load content on the front display. The rear screen looks to be almost half the size of the front screen. Samsung could use Clear ID twice and require thumb and fingerprint for access! That being said, other companies such as Apple and LG are also experimenting with wraparound display technology, so we could see more of it in the future.