Lessons from the Alabama Special Election

Sunday, 17 Dec, 2017

The board of King's democratic club is mostly women and she's looking for the party to follow up its thank yous for the election of Jones by taking action. But in this particular election, black voters were forced to overcome these oppressive policies in an act of self-preservation and at great personal cost.

Jones victory was reminiscent of Barack Obama's stunning presidential victory in the 2008 presidential election as he defeated controversial Republican Judge Roy Moore, who was accused of child sexual abuse in the weeks leading up to the election.

"If we can win in Alabama, we can win here too", he said in a fundraising plea Wednesday morning. White men, to probably no one's surprise, had the lowest voting rates for Jones at 26 percent.

During a segment Thursday on TNT's Inside The NBA, Barkley announced plans to pay tribute to Black women voters who came out in droves to secure the win on Tuesday for Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama's special senatorial election. The average margin of difference in statewide elections in Georgia, for example, has been 230,000 voters over the past decade, and there are 1.2 million black, Latino and Asian eligible voters who did not vote in the last election.

And the African-American vote is being seen as an important part of the national formula.

In the 2018 races for governorships, six states could swing from red to blue with the right voter mobilization plan and the proper funding and support.

Baldwin's campaign, like other Democrats, issued a fundraising plea tied to the Moore defeat and said in a statement "Alabama had a better choice and they made it".

The praise is more so deserved when considering the hurdles erected to prevent Black women from turning out in support of their candidate. These black Southern voters are worthy of the attention of major Democratic organizations like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic National Committee beyond when they are called upon for a vote tally. Black women have proved again and again that they are one of the most valuable bases of the Democratic party, even though they are often the most oppressed, vulnerable and ignored. Black women, however, showed up and showed out in impressive numbers. This senate election is not a unique occurrence. Flynn includes Walker, who endorsed Trump and has been a frequent White House visitor since his win, in that category.

Mr. Jones was helped by weak Republican turnout. It takes more than mere gratitude and warm feelings from Democrats for black voters to buy homes, raise families, or start businesses in their own communities. The media will continue to herald the efforts of Black women, praising them for saving everyone. That's what we have to do as Black women.

Both Ryan and Schimel face Democratic challengers next year.