Carolina Panthers make administrative change after Jerry Richardson controversy

Tuesday, 19 Dec, 2017

During its own investigation in the weeks prior, SI learned that on multiple occasions when Richardson's conduct has triggered complaints-for sexual harassment against female employees and for directing a racial slur at an African American employee-he has taken a leaf from a playbook he's deployed in the past: Confidential settlements were reached and payments were made to complainants, accompanied by non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses created to shield the owner and the organization from further liability and damaging publicity.

Rapper Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, tweeted that he would like to buy the team, noting that there are no African American majority owners in the league.

"Our team on the field is performing at a very high level, and I believe is bound for the Super Bowl". Then, in his rolling Southern drawl, he'd offer comment, drawing from a store of one-liners he'd recycle each week.

Fogarty, who works for Charlotte station WCCB, addressed the investigation against Richardson on Friday and started by acknowledging that she and her family have been friends of the Panthers team owner since 2010. "As the team's owner, Jerry Richardson, made his rounds on the way to his spacious office, he would ask women to turn around so he could admire their backsides".

"I bet you had to lay down on your bed to fit into those jeans."
Did you step into those jeans or did you have to jump into them? "This has come up, and I want to make clear that that interaction has nothing to do with the Panthers internal investigation".

That is the backdrop as Becker takes over control.

"She has worked closely over the years with all facets of the organization, including business operations, ticketing and sponsorship, stadium operations, entertainment and fan engagement". He also said that "there has been no greater mission or objective in my life than to have brought an National Football League franchise to Charlotte".

"Tina is the right person to lead this organization", former chairman and CEO of Bank America Hugh McColl said in a statement.

"Afterward, Richardson told (us) that he felt we had abused him", Fogarty explained. But I always knew that if given the chance the Carolina would rise to the occasion.

"I'm saddened by any of the stories of the things that might have incited this at this time", Jones said after Dallas' win at Oakland on Sunday night. "I can't speak to anything other than that". Because I'm going to wait until the investigation is done before I draw any conclusions. We need to have all the answers before we can do any of that. "But we most certainly will go forward".