Amazon pulls DIY circumcision 'training' kit

Thursday, 21 Dec, 2017

Amazon has pulled a circumcision training kit from its website over concerns that it will encourage DIY surgery.

According to Metro, Amazon disabled United Kingdom shipping for the circumcision training kit after the National Secular Society wrote to the company and said it could "encourage people with no medical qualifications to carry out potential life-threatening procedures at home". It allows the user to practise removing the foreskin from a range of detachable penises, which can be affixed to a model that resembles a doll but runs only from the navel down to the upper thighs.

Amazon's circumcision kit, which was listed with a price of between £365 and £456, was listed by ESP, a third-party seller. It came with four pairs of scissors, two scalpels, and a carry case.

"Medical students, physicians, and other practitioners can learn, practice and improve realistic, hands-on skills for this delicate procedure without the worry of learning on a live patient", the ad reads.

Speaking to the Sun, Amazon said it had taken feedback from the NSS onboard and confirmed all UK-based or UK-deliverable circumcision kits had been removed from its website.

Amazon pulled this home circumcision training kit from its United Kingdom store on December 20, 2017.

"Male circumcision in the United Kingdom is wholly unregulated and we fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm", chairman of the NSS medical forum Antony Lempert told the Guardian.

The NSS is strictly against circumcision (unless getting the cut is for medical reasons).

Home circumcision has become quite the debate for some time, especially in 2012 when a nurse from the United Kingdom was found guilty of "manslaughter" of an infant.

Dr Lempert said in his letter: 'Non-therapeutic circumcision is unethical and unnecessary and is putting infant boys at risk of death and serious injury. The one-month-old infant bled to death because of the complications from the procedure which was done outside the hospital and without the supervision of a doctor.