Sea turtles the latest victims of cold weather in Florida

Saturday, 06 Jan, 2018

Sure it's cold out there. Immediately report any cold stunned turtles that you locate by calling us at 361-949-8173 ext.

As the eastern seaboard is dealing with blizzard conditions, Florida is feeling the effects with below average temps across the state. Sea turtles aren't used to it, either, prompting wildlife officers to venture out on boat to pull several from the icy waves.

If you see a sea turtle that is cold-stunned, don't touch it, FWC says. "That's similar to what happens to the turtles and then they wash up on shore or they just float at the surface of the water", Julie Cavin, a Gulf World Marine Institute senior veterinarian, said.

- As Florida experiences unusually cold temperatures and even snow in some parts, wildlife officials are keeping a close eye on vulnerable manatees and sea turtles. They've also made it hard for sea turtles. It is important to report these turtles to the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline as soon as possible. "We are also monitoring the Mosquito Lagoon and other areas of the state to see if sea turtles are being impacted there". Manatees will head for former waters like canals, the water around power plants and natural springs.

Wildlife officials are asking boaters to be extra vigilant and to avoid areas where large numbers of manatees have gathered. "Aggregated animals should not be disturbed, as this could cause them to leave the warm-water sites that help them cope with cold temperatures".