United States working to ensure India is in NSG: Envoy

Thursday, 11 Jan, 2018

It will increase economic interactions and volume of trade, lead to collaboration on emerging technologies and create jobs in both countries, Juster said in his first policy speech since taking over as ambassador to India.

"Don't think we will get stability in Afghanistan if Pakistan does not positively contribute". We have a strong mutual interest in eliminating this threat to our societies.

"We are concerned about persistent trade deficits, including the one we have with India".

India has been seeking entry into the 48-member elite nuclear club, which controls nuclear trade, but China has repeatedly stonewalled its bid. "And, we are working closely with India and our global partners to secure India's membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group", he said.

"But let me go further and suggest that it is time to put a strategic lens on our economic relationship, just as we have done with our defence relationship", he said.

Talking about India's NSG aspirations, the envoy said India is celebrating its membership in two of the four multilateral export control regimes - the Wassenaar Arrangement on dual-use items, which India just joined, and the Missile Technology Control Regime - more might be coming.

Mr. Juster, who most recently served as assistant adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump on economic issues, also expressed the need for India to expand market access and intellectual property rights, both of which are the subject of U.S. -India litigation at the World Trade Organisation. "We also expect in the very near future India to join the Australia Group on chemical and biological weapons". China is the only country that is opposed to India's membership citing signing of Non-Proliferation Treaty as one of the important clauses.

He stated that a number of U.S. companies have reported "increasing difficulties" in conducting business in China.

"We seek to assist India's efforts to build up its indigenous defence base and capabilities, as well as enhance the inter-operability of our two forces as major defence partners in the Indo-Pacific region", he said.

"That was really a major impetus in suspending the security assistance to Pakistan because we feel they have not done all that they could to try to eliminate terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan that are contributing to unrest in Afghanistan", Juster added. For India and the US, Indo-Pacific is vital for the security and prosperity of our people as well as others.

The ambassador said that a number of U.S. companies faced increasing difficulties while making business in the largest market in the region, which is China, and were looking for alternative markets. "And we want to work with India to expeditiously resolve trade and investment disputes", Mr.

"The US is uniquely positioned to offer India a comprehensive energy partnership". After the nuclear deal and the growing defence and strategic relations between India and US, Juster believes the next big thing in the US-India relationship would be in the economic sphere, now the most troubled spot in bilateral relations.