Girl Scout cookie sale beginning Friday

Friday, 12 Jan, 2018

With Girl Scout cookie season starting, Girl Scout troops will soon have booths present at local grocery stores.

"We're really excited about the S'mores coming back".

"The chances of cheating on your New Year's resolution with one or numerous delicious flavors is high", according to a Scouts press release.

According to Silver Sage Council spokeswoman Erin Gorringe, the Girl Scout S'mores cookie, which was first introduced past year, sold out in presales before the general public was able to purchase them. There will be Caramel deLites, we have the Lemonades, and then two peanut butter cookies. Peterson says their goal with this contest is to engage the public with the Cookie Program.

When one make a Girl Scout Cookie purchase, they're helping the next generation of girl entrepreneurs get an important taste of what it takes to be successful - teamwork, planning, and a positive outlook. Girl Scouts are now going door-to-door to begin taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies. The program also raises funds to support troop and council activities. It isn't just a cookie sale - it's a hands-on leadership and business program for girls. "A lot of troops use it to do community service projects in their area".

Cookies are $4, with the exception of Trios, which are $5. The contest for the new vehicle will run from February 2nd to March 9th.

Throughout the years, many different flavors have come and gone (does anyone remember the Lemon Chalet Cremes or chocolate-covered, caramel-filled Juliettes?) but a few remain as staples: Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and shortbread Trefoils are the best-selling varieties.