Iowa Seeing Shortage of IV Bags

Friday, 12 Jan, 2018

A manufacturer for the product in Puerto Rico was affected by Hurricane Maria in September which has stalled production.

For instance, the IV fluid shortage led to some pharmacy's dividing larger IV fluid bags into smaller bags to serve more patients.

The hospital has not changed any bedside procedures but has modified its drug-compounding practices when necessary - for instance, using dextrose instead of saline if saline is in shorter supply.

The small bags deliver intravenous fluids and medications to patients.

The shortage is widespread. Three thousand miles away near San Diego, Ben Boyer's wife Xenia Trejo is undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor.

"These nurses work so hard", Ben Boyer, Xenia's husband, said. "It worries me that they don't have everything they could possible need at their disposal".

"That island has been completely decimated, and it's going to take them decades to restore", he said. "You sort of think this is brutal, this guy should probably be helping other patients".

The Puerto Rican Heritage Society said that they're looking to faith following Hurricane Maria. That begs the question why this is always the case, and more importantly, why more hasn't been done to address the perpetual shortages before now.

Luciano said he sees "huge opportunity" for bringing Puerto Rico utility poles, power cables and other big cargoes for rebuilding what he described as "already a lackluster infrastructure to begin with".

The utility, which provides service to more than half of Florida, was asked by Puerto Rico's electric authority to help complete the restoration, said FPL spokesman Bill Orlove.

"We're not only dealing with what happened on the island, but also with what's happening at home", Daniel Diaz, the school district's parent advocate, told the senators.

Biddinger is chief of emergency preparedness at Mass General.

Making matters worse, flu season turned out to be a bad one.and it came early.

Such instability in the power grid is an issue for most, if not all, of the companies down there as they try to ramp up production to previous levels. "Thanks to steps like these, we now believe that the shortage situation related to IV saline products will improve by the end of 2017", the FDA said in a statement. Still, the company has to deal with a three-month-long backlog.