Terry Richardson Is Reportedly Under NYPD Investigation Over Sexual Assault Accusations

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

Now, Richardson is apparently under investigation by the NYPD in relation to an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2003 (and per NY law, likely not subject to a statute of limitation) and other reported instances of sexual misconduct.

After facing years of sexual harassment and assault allegations, fashion and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is reportedly under investigation by the New York Police Department.

According to the New York Post, law enforcement sources said detectives in NYPD's Special Victims Unit have reached out to women who have come forward with stories detailing assault by Richardson. Two days later, Daily News reported that ex-model Caron Bernstein alleged Richardson exposed himself during a shoot in 2003 and forced her to perform oral sex. Once the shoot began and those surrounding left the room, Terry allegedly moved in on her and ejaculated on her chest, and still continued to take photos after. In addition, advocacy group Model Alliance is also interfacing with the police regarding the allegations against Richardson. "It was like literally being shot with a stun gun. My brain just went on pause", said Bernstein, who added that she "wasn't drugged, I wasn't handcuffed".

Just last month, designer Lindsay Jones told Huffington Post that Richardson forced her to perform oral sex on him while at his Manhattan studio in 2007 or 2008.

"I'm not looking for vengeance", Bernstein told The Hollywood Reporter when contacted about the NYPD investigation. Models Jamie Peck and Anna del Gaizo detailed similar stories of Richardson forcing them to touch his penis with their hands or face, the allegations spanning years between 2010 and 2014.

Some may say it's been a long coming for Terry Richardson since he's been banned from shooting for Vogue and GQ magazine after years of sexual assault allegations.