5 ice fishermen rescued from Lake Erie ice floe

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

The Coast Guard has reportedly rescued two people off the Brest Bay Marina in Frenchtown Township.

The crew reported the man was hypothermic. The men were taken to Custer Airport.

The Coast Guard issued a reminder of the importance of ice fishers having reliable communication and signaling gear.

A man was rescued from Mitchell's Bay on Lake St. Clair by the U.S. Coast Guard suffering from hypothermia after being on the lake ice for 12 hours.

A crew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station arrived about 1.5 miles from shore.

They reported they had ascertained his position via cell phone ping and the Ontario Provincial Police and the Chatham (Ont.) police and fire departments had responded by land, but the Royal Canadian Air Force was unable to send a crew due to weather.

The man was found roughly 2.5 km from shore in poor visibility with fog down to the surface.

They could barely see him through the fog, even with night vision goggles, but they were able to hoist him on board.

The Coast Guard wants to remind everyone that they need to remain vigilant and cautious around bodies of water, as ice conditions can be very unpredictable.

The man was taken to the hospital in the USA and returned to Canada.