Bernstein: LaVar Ball A Bother To NBA Coaches

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

And which reporters should be allowed to cover the National Basketball Association. For those of you who do not know (I'm gonna guess that's a very small number), LaVar is the loudmouth father of Lonzo, who tries to put himself in the spotlight more than his son.

Carlisle, who serves as president of the NBA's Coaches Association, argued that ESPN should consider its sources and determine if they have any merit or are simply "blowhard loudmouths". And I believe LaVar is speaking into existence what Lonzo's been telling him all along.

The antics of LaVar Ball have been a topic of conversation for months and, with his recent comments regarding Lakers head coach Luke Walton, the sideshow has moved to the main stage.

That sounds dumb because it is.

"Still, with Ball one can never say never, because he hasn't really been wrong yet".

It was a collective team effort that was also once again ignited by the play of rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, who registered an all-around performance with a double-double with 11 assists, 11 rebounds, along with five points, five steals, and a block in the contest. The Mavs were 13-28 heading into Tuesday's game against Orlando.

"It's great what Rick Carlisle said", Rivers said. In fact, Vitale blasted ESPN for traveling to Lithuania to cover Lonzo's younger brothers, who are playing their professionally, and for writing about LaVar's criticsim about the Lakers coaches. That's why coaches cooperate. He'd make a lot less if not for that TV money.

Why is Ball a story? And he's certainly entitled to his opinion.

Yesterday's article by Jeff Goodman of regarding Luke Walton was a salacious one-sided story lacking journalistic integrity. It's not like LaVar Ball is taking space away from legislative affairs or global conflicts. I think Magic's dilemma, Magic Johnson's dilemma, his make or break early decision as he's taken over the Lakers is not LaVar versus the organization or LaVar versus Luke Walton. The victory alone, their first at Staples Center since before Thanksgiving, might have temporarily strained the tension around Walton brought on by LaVar Ball, but Kuzma nonetheless came to his coach's defense. Instead, I am here to explain why I respect what Kuzma has to say and to tell LaVar to shut his mouth.

This is not fake news. At least not on scholarship, because LaVar hooked each of them up with an agent and sent them to Lithuania. The story didn't reflect badly on Walton, it reflected badly on Ball.

When pressed if it means he's threatening to withhold access, Van Gundy said: "I'm not denying them access".

But I do agree with Carlisle's assertion that publications should stop giving space to the same "loudmouth blowhard".

And this is Carlisle's blowhard, loudmouth attempt to manipulate the media, embarrassing his team and the league.